iPad vs MacBook - I've started a new experiment today

I've started a new experiment today. As you may know, I have been using an iPad instead of computers for 14 months now. I have been living in the Post-pc era. And I haven't missed computers at all. In fact, I have enjoyed every minute of not using a computer. And now when I have proven for my self that it's fully possible to just use an iPad for everything, I doesn't have to proven that for myself anymore. SO I have decided to try a new experiment. I will go back to the 11-inch MacBook Air as my computer, and "simulate" that it's the new 12-inch MacBook. And I will use my iPhone 6 as much as possible as an "iPad", and simulate that it's an iPhone 6s Plus (that I am planning to buy next).

I will try to see if I can be as productive and creative as I've been on my iPad Air, with the MacBook and iPhone instead. I will see if i can do stuff as easily as I can on the iPad. If the experiment goes well, I am planning to buy the iPhone 6s Plus later this year, and next year the second generation of the 12-inch MacBook. If not, I will go back to my iPad.

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