The Apple Watch "Spring Forward" event is tomorrow and I will be enjoying it on the big screen after work

The Apple Watch event is tomorrow and it usually starts 7pm here in Sweden. I haven't checked yet but it probably is this time too. So that means that it will be perfect for me to watch the live stream from Apple's site after I've come home from work, and eating dinner with my family. I won't live blog the event this time though. I will enjoy it instead.

Since I've stopped using computers over a year ago, my 11-inch MacBook Air is always connected to my 40-inch HDTV acting like a media center. So I will enjoy the event on the big screen.

The main number on the event will of course be the Apple Watch, and the new iOS 8.2 that comes with it and it's new features. But maybe Apple also mention updated Macbook Airs, and something about the coming new Beats music streaming service. We will see, but as I said, it will be all about the cool Apple Watch.

What I'm totally sure that we won't see though, is the rumored 12-inch MacBook Air.

Here is my video with my thoughts of the Apple Watch: