After so many years I have finally my own Swedish podcast to complement my English YouTube channel

I've always wanted to have my own podcast (iTunes) where I could talk about my thoughts and visions about technology and gadgets, and now I finally have one. In Swedish. I am a Swede and my native language is Swedish, so it was only natural to make a Swedish podcast. I already have my quite successful YouTube channel in English so this Swedish audio only podcast will complement that channel quite nicely.

In the podcast I will talk about technology, gadgets, Apple, apps and how it is to live in the post-pc era without computers and with only an iPad and iPhone as computers. I will try to release a new episode once every week, and it will be between 15-30 minutes long.

The podcast is just me talking but I would really like you to send in audio files with your questions and tips to me. Then I will add them to an episode and answer the questions and talk about your tips. That would be great. You can send in audio files via email to me.

The podcast is available in iTunes, and as a normal RSS Feed for those who want or need to add it manually to their favorite podcast player.

Read more about the first episode (Swedish) here.

It would be very kind of you if you could help me spreading it to more people and also by giving it a review in iTunes ;)