"Huawei P8 feels soulless"

Like most Asian manufactured devices then…. But I understand them. Not all companies can be Apple. Not all companies has the resources, the imagination and the feel for what's right for the user. It's much easier to copy from others and hoping for the best.

Via The P8 is smooth and oddly featureless, but Huawei likes it that way | The Verge:

At the moment, Huawei’s phones still feel a bit soulless, like they’re not really the company’s own. One of the other myriad promo videos at the event went into the manufacturing processes behind the P8 (each handset takes 810 minutes of “pure commitment” to be milled apparently), with this footage spliced with designers talking vaguely about luxury craftsmanship and the like. It was a fairly straight rip-off of an Apple segment two years ago, and while this isn’t at all shameful (it’s too common to be shameful), it’s not inspirational. The same, unfortunately, is true of the P8.