The Apple Watch has eliminated all the competition - the 5 minute podcast

In this episode of my brand new English short-form podcast called The 5 minute podcast, I talk about that the Apple Watch has totally eliminated all competition. In just a day it sold more than all other smartwatches combined. That's how successful it is. There is just the Apple Watch. There is no other smartwatches. And there will probably be like that for many years from now on. Exactly as the iPad has been the only tablet on the market for many years. Download and listen to this episode via iTunes or manually from this RSS Feed.

See more what this episode is all about in the show notes below.

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Show Notes:

  • All social networks is filled with posts about the Apple Watch at the moment
  • it's a huge success
  • in just a day it sold more than all others combined
  • There is simply no competition
  • it will be the only smartwatch for a long time exactly as the iPad has been the only tablet
  • it's not always best to be first, it's making it right that counts
  • the Apple Watch has an incredible user experience, great UI
  • personally I'm still not sure if I will buy one when it will be available here in Sweden
  • I'm not sure if it's worth it's high price. I have no problem with picking up my iPhone to do the same stuff
  • you get a whole iPad for the same price as the cheapest Apple Watch
  • but it would be cool to try one though
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  • A video where they test how waterproof the Apple Watch is

  • The rumor about that Samsung will make a round smartwatch

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