Why Samsung's design sucks and why design is important

This just nails it. If a company don't care about the details, then how much more is it that they don't care about? This proves how little Samsung cares about the customer. And this proves why Apple always has the world's best user experience and that Samsung can't even succeed as a copycat….

And look at the sticker at the top! Seriously, a sticker? It's hilarious!

To align everything along the edge of a device takes designing and mounting the boards in a certain way, and the ports and speakers, and the buttons and jacks, and the grills and every other detail so they all line up at exactly the right place at the end. Painstaking is likely an understatement.

Is it worth the effort? For me, as a customer, knowing that Apple had the consideration and took the time and effort to align their hardware speaks to the overall quality of their work. It reassures me that the same consideration and effort were likely spent making sure not a millimeter nor milliamp of battery space was wasted, not a nanometer of die, not a gap left around the screen, or a dead zone in the capacitive sensor.

Via The difference between Apple and Samsung industrial design | iMore

Here is an old video I did about the Samsung galaxy S6: