Apple has a patent for both a telephoto and wide angle camera in an iPhone - The 5 minute podcast

In this episode of my new English short-form podcast called The 5 minute podcast, I talk about a new Apple patent. Where Apple reveals both a wide angle camera and a telephoto camera in the same device (iPhone). We have earlier seen that Apple is working on a new kind of camera for the iPhone so this makes it even more interesting. Download and listen to this episode via iTunes or manually from this RSS Feed.

See more what this episode is all about in the show notes below.

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Show Notes:

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    • This episode is recorded in GarageBand for iOS. Works great! Very impressed.
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  • The patent:
  • My thoughts and posts:
    • Apple maybe add a better and different kind of camera already on iPhone 6s
    • Apple always have a better camera for the “S” version of the iPhone.
    • If not, we will definitely see an awesome camera on the iPhone 7 next year.
    • They are focusing on the camera because they want to get rid of the protruding camera lens that the iPhone 6 has
    • They bought the company LinX just because of that, as I've done a video about before
    • The Israeli company LinX makes multi-apperture camera modules that makes it possible to have really short (thin) camera modules, but with even better image quality than we have ever seen in a mobile camera.
    • It will be very interesting to see what Apple has to offer when it comes to a new camera for the iPhone.
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