Fleksy is actually the first keyboard that can replace Apples own keyboard - the 5 minute podcast

In this episode of my English short-form podcast called The 5 minute podcast, I talk about the third-party keyboard for iOS called Fleksy, and how good and powerful it is. It's actually the first keyboard that can replace Apples own keyboard. It's very stable and never crashes. You can type really fast with Fleksy and use it as you normally use Apples own keyboard. Just type and let Fleksy work for you by doing it's really powerful auto correction totally automatically. It's incredible. Download and listen to this episode via iTunes or manually from this RSS Feed.

See more what this episode is all about in the show notes below.

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Show Notes:

Fleksy keyboard for iOS

Fleksy keyboard is a third party keyboard that you need to give a chance to show its power before you decide if you like it or not. The reason for that is that it needs to learn how you type before it gets good.

You should think and use it as the Apple keyboard. Just type and let the auto correction work for you. It's incredibly effective. The best auto correction on the market. Nothing comes near it.

And there is so much things you can do with it. So much features.

What I like:

  • very stable on iOS. The most stable third party keyboard.
  • learns how I type quick
  • I like the personal dictionary feature a lot
  • I like the extensions feature. Very useful.
  • I like the different themes
  • I like the incredible auto correction
  • I like the easy switch between languages
  • I like that you can set another function you like on the globe button.
  • I have auto correction on/off there
  • I like that you can turn on extra buttons left and right of the keyboard.
  • I like that Apples keyboard shortcut feature works in Fleksy.

What I don't like:

  • Sometimes I would like to have better suggestions when I try to type a word I don't know how to spell.
  • I would like to have a sync between my devices so I don't have to learn it the same things on both my iPad and iPhone…
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