When the user get a notification on the Apple Watch, the iPhone will still remain silent with the screen off

Yeah I wish that notifications worked the same between the iPhone and iPad as they do between the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

As Neil Hughes writes:

Ideally, users would be able to only receive alerts on their currently active device, and could also respond to or cancel alerts from that device, regardless of platform.

It's very annoying to get the same notifications on both my iPad and iPhone all the time, from all the Apps.

And I even have to delete the same notifications from the notification center on both devices! Even if I've read them on one of the devices…. Very annoying.

So hopefully can Apple fix this in iOS 9. I mean the technology is obviously already available as we can see with the seamless connection between the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Via How the rest of Apple's ecosystem could benefit from Apple Watch: Smarter, contextually aware notifications