A new rumor says that the iPhone 6s will get 1080p display and the iPhone 6s plus a 2k display

The next iPhone, the iPhone 6s may come with a new higher resolution display, a new report from China states that the new iPhone 6s will come with a Full HD display (1080p), and the larger iPhone 6s plus will get a 2k display.

Rumors also says that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will also get Force Touch and also 2GB RAM, a notable processor upgrade, 12MP camera, a new rose-gold color option, sapphire display for iPhone 6s plus, a stronger and strengthened shell, and a better Touch ID.

It is also possible that Apple will finally ditch the 16GB entry level models and replace it with a 32GB option.

Personally I think a 2k resolution on the iPhone 6s plus is not necessary, it will only drain the battery more, but maybe Apple has some solutions for that so we still will have the same awesome battery life on the plus as we have now. The 1080p resolution for the smaller iPhone 6s sounds like a great idea though.

Via : Cultofmac