Apple begins manufacturing iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s plus with Force Touch

So it has finally started. The manufacturing of the next version of the most popular phone in the world. The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s plus. Personally I will buy the larger version this year. The iPhone 6s plus. I'm very happy with the iPhone 6 I have so no problem at all, I just want to try the bigger one this year. That's all.

Apple Inc. has started early production of new iPhone models with a feature called Force Touch, which senses how hard users are pressing down on a screen, people with knowledge of the matter said.

While final assembly is expected to be smooth because the design of the new iPhones is similar to the current model, the timing and production volume of Force Touch-enabled phones could be impacted by the supply and yield of the displays, said one of the people.

And as I've been talking a lot about in my videos (below) already, Force Touch is the future and we will see a lot of support for that in iOS and coming apps. And personally I think it also is in preparation for the next big change of iOS. I believe iOS will be more like watchOS next year. It would work really good on such large devices as the iPhone when you use only one hand. You can drag down apps with your thumb and then open them for example. You will scroll the app icons around with your thumb just using one hand. Excellent.

Via Apple Suppliers Start Making iPhones With Force Touch - Bloomberg Business

Here is some videos I've done about Force Touch (I mention Force Touch for the iPhone as early as 14th January):