Apple's new search intelligence in iOS 9 is the beginning of the end for Web Search

In this episode of my English short-form podcast called The 5 minute podcast, I talk about that I think the new search features, deep linking, new Siri and the proactive features in iOS 9 that Apple presented on WWDC is very very interesting. I think it will be serious trouble for Google. So for all those people that doesn't understand this, in the example, Craig is searching for a recipe. He searches directly on the phone, locally, you don't even need an Internet connection. He find a recipe in the search results, he clicks on the link and the recipe opens in the recipe app he has installed on his iPhone. When done reading the recipe he clicks on the back to the app link to go back where he was in the search results. No Bing, no Google. He uses the new deep linking feature that iOS 9 supports. Download and listen to this episode via iTunes or manually from this RSS Feed.

See more what this episode is all about in the show notes below.

Show Notes:

  • Apples intelligence:
    • With all the apps that will support this after iOS 9 is released, we will practically find all info we need without using Web search. All results directly from the apps we use.
    • it will work perfectly fine in Sweden because it's not a normal search engine. It will collect search results from the apps you use. So if I for example have the Wikipedia app installed and search for “deep linking” as an example, the results will be from the Wikipedia app, and when clicking on the result it will open in the Wikipedia app. That is why this is the future. With all apps that will support this we will practically get all the info from the apps we have installed without using Web search.
    • the more you use it the better it gets. It's a real AI
    • this new search feature won't work so good until the final is released and we will see more apps that support it.
    • This has nothing to do with web search or Bing. it doesn't use Bing, it search locally with full privacy. it use deep linking technology to gather info from your apps and local data.
    • So no revenue for Google because Google or Bing is not used. No ads 
    • This is the future of search. The beginning of the end for Web search 
    • This will be a huge blow at Google when all apps that supports deep linking is flowing in after iOS 9 is released 
    • it's a serious threat to google because they lose search ad revenue for every search an Apple user will do with the built in search in iOS 9
    • No need for using Web search anymore. No need for Google or Bing 
    • you still have the option at the bottom to do a normal old web search privately without any connection to your account and who you are. That's why this feature is built on native apps and your own data and documents and not the web, and that's why I say that I personally think that is the future. * I think it's a big step into a new era where we use the Internet through apps instead of the web 
    • And for the info you don't have apps for you still have the option to do an old web search totally anonymously with full privacy. Also something that Apple is clear to point out 
    • And personally I never use Google search anymore I use Twitter to search for articles and Twitter will definitely add support for deep linking and if so many users will have all the info they need.
    • There is a lot of iOS users… And Google will lose search ad revenue for every search an Apple user will do with the built in search in iOS 9 .
    • it's so easy to get to the search page in iOS 9. And on that page this new way of searching is the default. The way Apple is marketing this will make a lot of users to use this as their search engine.
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