Does this image prove that iOS 9 will have round app icons and work as watchOS?

MacStories Federico Viticci posted an interesting image on Twitter of some WWDC banners from the second-floor of the WWDC event venueT And if you look very closely you can see something very interesting.

OS X is printed on a rounded rectangle shape, but both the iOS and watchOS text is written onto a circular shape. On the Apple Watch this makes sense because app icons on the Watch is circular. But for iOS, it is less clear why because the app icons have always been rounded-rectangles as on the OS X shape on the WWDC banner.

Could this mean that iOS 9 will have round app icons and work like they do on watchOS on the Apple Watch? As in the rumor?

If you think about it, if so both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus would be much easier to use for one handed use. Because you can move the round app icons around and zoom in and out as you do on the Apple Watch.

You can also see that Watch OS is rebranded as watchOS.

Interesting times!

Here is my WWDC predictions for the keynote tomorrow: