I really hope that Apple will announce more features in iOS 9 for the bigger iPhone 6 Plus today at WWDC

I am planning to buy the larger iPhone this year, the one that will probably be called iPhone 6s plus. I have the smaller iPhone 6 now and are perfectly happy with it but the reason why I want to try the bigger version this time is because I'm curious to see how much of the things I do on my iPad Air 2 will be possible to do as easily and fast on the iPhone 6s plus. And I'm not talking about normal stuff here, I'm talking about creating content.

I already know that I can't do video editing on the iPhone because iMovie is not as good for the iPhone as it is for the iPad. No visible audio waveform for example. That makes it very hard to do precision cuts.

And that's why I am hoping for more features for the plus version of the iPhone presented by Apple today on the WWDC keynote.

I want more features for when holding the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape mode. I want more apps to support that mode. I want more support for that built-in into iOS 9.

And maybe Apple could update their apps to better support iPhone 6 Plus landscape mode, so that we could for example get the same iMovie version that the iPad has on the iPhone 6 Plus too.

And much more Apps of course. Maybe it even could be possible to run iPad Apps on the plus version of the iPhone? That would be awesome.

So please Apple, give us more features and apps that supports the iPhone 6 Plus landscape mode.

Here is a video that shows that Apps on the iPhone is not as good as they are for the iPad :