The 5 minute podcast: #15 - before WWDC 2015

This episode of my English short-form podcast called The 5 minute podcast, is about Apple's WWDC keynote that is tomorrow. I thought I should talk a bit about what I think they will present there. Some of the things I talk about is new Apple TV, new music streaming service called Apple Music, iOS 9, OS X 10.11, Watch OS 1.1 and 2.0, Home Kit. Download and listen to this episode via iTunes or manually from this RSS Feed.

See more what this episode is all about in the show notes below.

Show Notes:

  • WWDC 2015
    • Apple TV - I still think we will see a new version of it presented during the keynote. With third-party Apps support and it's own App Store.
    • Apple Music - Apple will of course present their new music streaming service that is based on Beats music and will be a direct competitor to Spotify.
    • iOS 9 - Apple will present a preview of the next big update of iOS. Final will not be released until this Fall though.
    • OS X 10.11 - Apple will of course also present the next version of OS X that will probably have stability improvements.
    • Home Kit - there will probably also be a lot about Apple's HomeKit. Personally I'm not so interested in that.
    • Watch OS 1.1 - Apple will also probably present the next version of Watch OS for the Apple Watch. Third-party native Apps will probably not come until Watch OS 2.0
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