Here is how to embed tweets in your article on your iOS device

As you may know by now, I'm living in the post-pc era and haven't used normal computers for over 17 months now. I only use my iPad and iPhone for everything I do. Everything I create. And I love every minute of it.

So I have created a lot of different ways to do all the stuff I do. All kinds of workflows and apps to do everything as easy as fast as I want.

I use the incredible app Editorial for all my writings for example. And in Editorial you can create and use workflows made with Python scripts to automate everything you want to do. And if you can't code in Python yourself, you can find a lot of great workflows created by other Editorial users in a big workflow directory.

And one of the things I often do in my articles is to embed tweets from Twitter. And luckily there is an Editorial workflow available that makes it very easy to do that.

Here is how to embed tweets in your text in Editorial

  1. First install this Editorial workflow
  2. Then copy link to tweet you want to embed from your preferred Twitter app (or from Twitter on the web). It's very easy to copy link. In the official Twitter app you find the link here after opening the tweet:
  3. Then when you have the link in the memory on your iOS device, just click where you want to embed a tweet and choose the workflow you installed in step one:
  4. And voila! You have the code for the embedded tweet pasted directly into your post automatically. The code looks something like this:
  5. And the embedded tweet looks like this (it's an actual live tweet that you can favorite, retweet, and follow directly from the post):

That is how incredibly fast and easy you can embed tweets in your text you writing in the app Editorial for iOS. Totally automatically. You only have to copy the link and the workflow do the rest.

I hope you like this small mini tutorial on how I do stuff living in the Post-pc world.