I don't agree that the mobile Web sucks

Nilay Patel from the Verge doesn't have any nice words to tell about the mobile Web experience. He thinks it's a terrible experience to browse the Web on a phone. It's so slow he says:

But man, the web browsers on phones are terrible. They are an abomination of bad user experience, poor performance, and overall disdain for the open web that kicked off the modern tech revolution. Mobile Safari on my iPhone 6 Plus is a slow, buggy, crashy affair, starved for the phone's paltry 1GB of memory and unable to rotate from portrait to landscape without suffering an emotional crisis. Chrome on my various Android devices feels entirely outclassed at times

But I don't really agree. I think it depends on where you live. For example here in Sweden we have really fast and good networks, both cellular and broadband. So the speed issue I don't agree with. But I can agree with browsing Web pages on the small phone screen is not ideal, but for example on the really powerful iPad Air 2 the Web experience is really fast and smooth. I actually prefer the Web experience on the iPad over the desktop experience. But overall I prefer reading on the iPhone 6 than on the iPad because it's easier to hold and handle the iPhone. But I never read directly in safari. I save articles to Pocket to read them from there. Sometimes it happens that I use Safaris “Reading view” feature though. Or I read them directly from native apps like Flipboard or Nuzzel. And I also prefer reading ebooks on my iPhone.

Via The mobile web sucks | The Verge