I have a secret to tell about Flipboard

I have a secret to tell you. It's about Flipboard. Flipboard gives me more interactions than both Facebook and Twitter. It's actually only Google+ that gives me more interaction.

And Flipboard not only gives me more interaction, it's also one of my biggest referrals for my website. This website.

And all this without even being near as many followers as I have on Twitter (16k). And Flipboard is pretty close to Google+ when it comes to interaction and referrals too. And on Google+ I have over 60k followers and on Flipboard below 1k. Go figure…

So Flipboard has become one of my most important services on the Web. Not only as a great news reader that learns what I like, it's also one of the most important services for referrals and site views. And it's an awesome social network, so go and follow me there too.