I really hate vertically recorded videos - now the YouTube iOS app supports full screen vertical videos

One of the things I hate the most is when people records vertical videos instead of horizontal… I can't understand how these people are thinking! Do they seriously think that it will look good on a computer screen or even a TV? Maybe they have the monitors and TVs vertical too?

Now the YouTube app for iOS has been updated to support full-screen vertical videos…

Available now on the App Store, version 10.28 of YouTube for iOS now supports the ability to view vertically filmed videos fullscreen when your device is in portrait mode. If your device is in landscape mode, the video will still be letterboxed on either side.

Today’s update also adds the ability to turn on notifications for specific channels via the app. If you enable this feature, you’ll receive a push notification to your device whenever your favorite YouTuber uploads a new video.

The other new feature is way more important though. Because now you can turn on notifications when channels you follow uploads a new video. It's important because now you can turn on notifications for my YouTube channel so you don't miss any of my brilliant videos :)

You can choose to just have notifications from the channels you prefer. It means that you don't have to get notifications from all channels you follow. That could quickly become overwhelming.

Via YouTube for iOS updated w/ support for fullscreen vertical videos, mobile notifications | 9to5Mac