I use emojis in Todoist for clarity

I love Todoist. I really do. It's the task management / GTD system that works best for me personally. I use it all the time, everyday. Sometimes I can have upto 70 tasks that should be done that day! And I enjoy it and it gives me carma points :) Another feature in Todoist that makes it better than everything else out there. It motivates you to do stuff. So I try to add everything into Todoist. Everything from small to big.

And one thing I've recently started to do is to use emojis for project names and also for sone recurring tasks. I use them for context too. For example a car for tasks that should be done when I am in my car or something with the car. Same thing with a house for something I should do when I'm home. Or a factory for stuff that I should do at my day work. Or a cam recorder for stuff that has to do with my YouTube channel. It helps a lot with knowing which project a task belongs to and what the task is all about. You get a much more visual view of what it is. If you have done a lot of mind mapping you know what I mean.

And the emojis you use shows up in your calendar too, if you have integrated Todoist with your calendar. And also in your reminders, notifications and emails from Todoist. And they even shows up in the desktop versions and the chrome extension too.

So basically they are everywhere. And that helps me be more productive because I can very fast and easy see what I should do next and where.