iPhone 6 crushes Samsung Galaxy S6 in game performance and better graphics, even if it soon is one year old

I think it's fascinating to see how much better the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus still is over all high end Android devices, even if it soon is one year old :) The newer and more expensive Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't have a chance when it comes to gaming performance in GameBench excellent test for example. And no, the reason is not the high resolution screen that the Galaxy S6 has as many Android fans believes.

Apple Insider has done a great write-up of this, here is some quotes (with my comments added):

In our own testing, we have consistently found that iOS devices not only outperform their Android counterparts, but do so using less RAM and lower CPU clock rates. Being faster while using less hardware indicates that Apple's iOS software (along with the platform's third party apps) is better optimized, which also helps iOS devices to claim better battery life on smaller, thinner devices.

  • Once again it shows that controlling both hardware and software to be able to optimize everything pays off. And also having more polished apps for iOS makes the overall user experience better. And as I've said many times before, that is also the reason that the iPhone doesn't need to have a bigger battery that would mean that the device would be thicker and heavier. The user experience is always more important.

To get around the engineering flaw of too many pixels and not enough GPU horsepower, many game developers scale down Android graphics to the point where games look no better or sometimes even worse, in addition to being slower overall.

  • You can clearly see that in GameBench screenshots. It's a huge difference in graphics quality with the same game running on the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. Even if the S6 has a higher screen resolution.

Samsung's poor showing over last year's iPhone 6, despite being newer and packing ostensibly improved hardware (including faster and more RAM), may help to explain why the company is rushing to launch its next Note 5 model in advance of Apple's revamped iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

  • Yeah as I've said before, Samsung is losing it, they are afraid. They are desperate. The iPhone is crushing them.

Via GameBench shows iPhone 6 beats Galaxy S6 in game performance & better looking graphics