Mobile devices have become the dominant computing platform

The PC is dying. Every sign, every report, every research says the same. Mobile devices is taking over. And personally I can't see why someone still buys them really. I can understand if you are a professional developer, or working in the graphics business and need to render some 3D graphics or something. But for most people there is no need anymore.

These days, the big players—Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook—are putting their resources toward optimizing their businesses for mobile. They haven’t all cracked the code, but they’re trying. In the meantime, PCs have yet to settle into a niche, given their diminished place in tech’s new hierarchy. With mobile, the question is, what else can we do with it? With PCs, the question is, what are they still good for?

I can also understand that some gamers that don't like gaming consoles or all the great mobile games that exist still buys a PC, but personally I believe that business is also dying.

And personally I have been living without normal computers for 17 months now, and can't be happier. I don't miss a PC at all really. There isn't anything I want to do that I can't do faster and easier on my iPad.

I run my whole business from my iPhone and iPad. I create all my content on them. Everything from producing and editing videos, music making, podcast recording and editing to advanced automated writing via python scripts.

And I also prefer enjoying content on them too. Reading ebooks, reading news, watching videos, listening to music and podcasts and watching photos.

So to me personally the PC is already dead.

Via The Death of the PC Has Not Been Greatly Exaggerated | WIRED