So I have finally ordered an Apple Watch - it will be here on Tuesday

So I have finally ordered an Apple Watch! On July 17 the Apple Watch went available to order online here in Sweden, and yesterday on July 22 I ordered a 42 mm space gray version of it.

Delivery is said to be on Tuesday and I can hardly wait! It will be very interesting to see what the watch can offer me when it comes to productivity and creativity. And also what it can give me living in the post-pc era.

Update: it now says that it will be delivered to me already tomorrow! Awesome :)

It's too bad that I couldn't see and feel it for real before deciding though. Here in Sweden we can only buy it online. There is only 2 (I think) Apple Stores available in Sweden and I live very far from both. And I'm not even sure it's available in those stores either.

So it made it a lot harder to choose between the white and black version for example. The white had been nicer together with my gold iPhone and iPad, but harder to match with my clothes. I also like the steel color on the watch itself than the space gray color the black has. And people on Google+ said that the space gray get scratches easily too. But I ordered the space gray anyways :)

I will probably do a lot of blog posts, videos and podcasts about it.