To Getting Things Done, I have created my own news delivery system

I've been working on a way to have the news come to me instead of me coming to the news, if you know what I mean? I don't want to have to go through stream after stream to find the news I want. That's why I really hate normal RSS readers for example. It's very time consuming and to me it's a way to procrastinate. I want the news to be there in my inboxes, delivered automatically to me. Ready to use. I want to getting things done.

And I have now solved the problem.

By using apps and services like Hooks, Flipboard, Google Alerts, Nuzzel, Prismatic, and more, I am now getting the news I want delivered to me, instead of me having to search for it.


Nuzzel is a news reader that uses your twitter account to filter out the news that counts. It does that by showing you the most retweeted and favorited posts sorted by your choice.

But personally I don't use the app itself. Because Nuzzel also has an excellent email service. You can have the articles that has the most retweets and got most favorited sent to you by email. And that's what I use. You can customize how many and how often you want to have emails. So it basically delivers my news to my inbox.

I also use Nuzzel in the notification center on both my iPhone and iPad. That way I also get the news delivered to me as notifications.


Sadly Hooks is only available for my iPhone, so I miss all the great things this app has to give on my iPad. But it's great to have it on my iPhone at least. Hooks is basically a notification app that can give you notifications for anything you want really. For example the news you want.

Hooks doesn't deliver to the email inbox, it delivers the notifications to its own inbox in the App and also to the notification center. So you have to check it's inbox from time to time. But that is actually not a bad thing, I like the inbox, it looks beautiful and it's very easy to do some actions directly from its inbox.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a really good service where you can subscribe to alerts for specific keywords that you choose. You can't be to broad with your keyword searches though. You can't add an alert for iPhone or iPad for example because then you will drown with news. But “iPhone 6s” or “iPad pro” is totally OK.

You can get the news delivered as either an RSS feed (I don't use that), or by email (that's what I use). So I get the news that I want directly to my inbox exactly how I wants it.

Prismatic and

Then we have two news services that daily delivers the best and most popular articles based on your Twitter stream. The daily emails from both Prismatic and looks great on both my iPhone and iPad and they are very interesting. I only wish that I could have more than one email a day though. But both services are a good compliment to all the other I use.


I absolutely love Flipboard! But Flipboard doesn't deliver the news to your email inbox. But it do to its own inbox called Cover Stories. And after customizing and learned Flipboard what kind of news I like and want to have, it almost never fails me. It's incredible really. Awesome AI. Flipboard is the place I find stuff that I like from websites and blogs I didn't know existed.

There is a lot of hard work before you get it right but after that it rocks. I can highly recommend using Flipboard seriously.


I prefer using the official Twitter app for everything, but unfortunately it doesn't have a mute/muffle feature for content. That's why I use Twitterrific for reading instead. It has a muffle feature that makes it possible to filter out content you don't want to see.

So after been doing a lot of hard work with muffle the content I don't like by adding keywords, hash tags, users and even sentences to the muffle filter, my twitter “inbox” (Twitterrific stream) is starting to be really good.

The reason why I need to use Twitter too and not only all the other delivery services above, is because I also want the content that doesn't have a link. And there is a lot of excellent tweets without links but with content that is important. So by using Twitterrific muffle feature I get a stream (inbox) with only the content I want.


So by using my new “delivery system” I don't have to waste time searching for content I need, it gives me plenty of time creating content instead.

Now the news I want (and only that) gets delivered to me automatically, and I really enjoy it.