With Apple's Beats 1, people are starting to record radio shows again

It's funny to see that we are going back to the old times when we recorded radio shows onto cassette tapes :)

I used to do that with my favorite radio shows. You had to tune in a few minutes before the show started, and then hit record every time a new song started and then hit pause when it ended, right before the host started to talk again.

Now it seems that this old workflow is back again with Apple's new radio station called Beats 1, but now the cassette tape is replaced by hard drives instead.

Beats 1 is live 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it’s a fantastic way to get your dose of what’s happening right now in urban music.

Problem is, just like the terrestrial radio that it uses as its model, Beats 1 doesn’t have an archived recording of its shows. If you want to hear a specific DJ or interview, you have to tune in.

There are ways, however, of recording the audio stream with varying degrees of “free” and “easy.” Two of them involve some technical know how while the third will require you to drop some cash. Check it out.

Via 3 easy ways to record Beats 1 audio onto your Mac | Cult of Mac