Apple's content blocking is the cancer for the free web

I just felt that I needed to make a response to Doc Searls post about Apple's content blocking:

The tide of popular sentiment is turning against tracking-based advertising — and Apple knows it. That’s why they’re enabling “content blocking” in iOS 9 (the new mobile operating system that will soon go in your iPhone and iPad).

Here is my response:

  • It will kill websites like mine sadly
  • I don't think my ads are annoying. And it's the only way for small one man companies like mine to earn money. This is terrible. 
  • If my revenue goes down because of this I will quit my website and my Apple community and Google+ and everything I have built up. That's for sure. it's not worth all the hardwork I do anymore.
  • This is my business, so why would I then continue wasting 4-5 hours everyday on my Apple community for example? There is no point. If my revenue will go down I'll quit. Simple. 
  • Again, this will kill the business for people like me . It will because people thinks this is a good thing. It isn't. It's the worst that has happened the web since the beginning.
  • The problem is that everyone will use content blockers and that will kill the free Web. And people like me. And it will definitely kill Googles free services and also my Apple community.
  • That is what people don't get. They just saying “yeah finally we can block those annoying ads doh”. They don't see the problem with that statement.
  • Believe me, we won't see the Web as it is now after this. We will see a lot of free services vanish and we will see a lot more subscription based services pop up. And we will once again see a lot more news sources that will force you to pay for their news again, and you will see one man Web publishers like me vanish.
  • This is the worst Apple has done in their whole history
  • Users will block all ads even those that are not annoying = kills the free Web
  • It doesn't matter if advertiser will make better ads, the harm is already done. Users won't stop blocking ads once they started.
  • And I will for sure quit my Apple community. Delete it the day I can get any revenue from my website anymore. Not worth the time anymore. Again it's my business.

[End of rant]