Awesome! My YouTube channel is now eligible for paid content!

This is awesome! My YouTube channel is now eligible to have paid content! That means that I can now create videos that the potential viewer has to purchase or rent to be able to watch. And I can also create a paid channel that people can subscribe to if I want. And of course will these videos be without ads.

I think this is really great because now I can do some videos with special content on my channel that people has to pay to watch. So for example, videos with normal rumors and news will still be free but videos like “My secrets to getting things done”, or “How I create content on my iPad”, or “How I handle to live without computers”, and more coming videos could the viewer have to pay a very small sum of money to be able to watch.

This could be like being an app developer that sells their apps in the App Store for a small sum of money, if you know what I mean :) It will feel much more as I am creating something. Like an artist. It will definitely motivate me to do more videos again.

And I think this could be an excellent way to get paid again as a content creator, now with this adblock “war” that is going on.. I was a bit worried that after iOS 9 were released with the content blocker built in to Safari that I was doomed as a small one man blogger/vlogger company, but this could actually be the light in the tunnel that I needed.

So thank you Google/YouTube!