My thoughts about the Apple Watch after one month

I have now been using the Apple Watch for a complete month. And I must say that I absolutely love it. I can't be without it. It has become another must have device for me. It has become so important to me that I don't like to be without it. I even sleep with it on my wrist, so I have got a problem when I should charging it. Because I don't want to lose some activity points while doing it. It only takes around an hour to charge it though, so I do that when me and my wife are watching a movie or some TV episode every evening.

I have already written two reviews of the Apple Watch that you can read here and here, so I won't repeat myself on why I love it so much. But I have added some more thoughts about it below that I haven't mentioned before.

Some more thoughts about the Apple Watch:

  • No quick button for on/off of the “Activate on wrist raise” feature. I sleep with my watch so I turn that off when I go to bed. Would be great to have that as a quick button in the settings glance.
  • I can't be without my Apple Watch, so I even sleep with it on my wrist. I like that it measures my pulse while sleeping. The day after I always check how my pulse were while sleeping. So because of this I get a problem when I should charge the watch, I don't want to miss activity points while doing it.
  • I think the Apple Watch has more than enough battery life. I have always around 40% battery left after 12 hours of usage. So battery life is definitely not a problem.
  • Some watch faces drains the battery more. Like the one with butterflies for example.
  • I am not sure if I can use the same charger for the Apple Watch as I do for my iPhone and iPad, so it's a bit awkward to have to pack two chargers when travelling. It would be much better if I only had to have the Apple Watch charging cable with me to plug it in to the same charger as for the iPad and iPhone. It works great to charge the iPhone with the iPad charger. No problem at all. I've done that for many years. It's a myth that you shouldn't do that. But I'm too afraid (still) to do the same with the Apple Watch.
  • Out of habit, I almost never use the digital crown to scroll up and down, but I have to break that bad habit because it's great. Much better than using my fingers on the display to do the same thing.

  • At first I didn't really like the black wristband on my 42mm space gray Apple Watch sport edition. But now I think it's really great. You can have it on all day long almost without noticing it. It feels great even when you are sweaty. And it looks good too. I love the way Apple has innovated how you lock the wristband on the sports edition. It's very, very smart.
  • I have no problems with scratches at all, and I have even bumped in to different things with it quite often, and I have said to myself, “oh, now it definitely got a scratch”. But it still have no scratches. I'm impressed.
  • Yes I know that some apps starts slower than they do on the iPhone, but I don't see that as a problem really. Because you don't use apps in the same way as you do on the iPhone. You use glances and complications when you want to see or do something fast. And they are really fast on the Apple Watch. And some apps even have some features that the iPhone version doesn't. For example Day One. I use the check in feature with the Day One Apple Watch app. In fact, I prefer using Day One on the Apple Watch than on the iPhone. And it still is more convenient to use the Apple Watch apps to do some things than having to take out the iPhone to do same. But yes it will be great to have native apps in watchOS 2. It will make everything faster. And it will be great to have third-party complications on the watch faces too.

So there you go, some more thoughts of the Apple Watch after a month. Don't forget to read my first two reviews too.