No iPad Air 3 this year - only iPad mini 4 and iPad pro

A new report also says that we won't see an iPad Air 3 this year. Only a new faster and thinner iPad mini 4. The reason why is apparently to not steal the spotlight from the much rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro that will come later this year.

The updated iPad mini is effectively ready to go, and Apple's supply chain is already preparing components, industry sources told Taiwan's DigiTimes.

As I've said before, it could actually be true because Apple will try everything they can to make the iPad popular again. And one way could be to marketing the new larger iPad Price for potential iPad Air buyers. Apple will have iPad's in three different sizes then, the new powerful iPad mini 4, the iPad Air 2 (that still is a very powerful device that support split-screen), and the news power machine the iPad Pro. An iPad for all users.

Via New rumor repeats claim that Apple won't include 'iPad Air 3' in fall lineup