Now Microsoft Outlook email and calendar app is available for the Apple Watch and it's incredible

Awesome! Outlook, the best email app for iOS has been updated with a really great Apple Watch app! So now it's possible to go through the Outlook Inbox or Calendar just by swiping your finger on the watch. Use reply templates, Emoji symbols or voice control to respond to emails and get smart alerts directly on the watch.

Here are three important tasks that you now can take care of right from the Apple Watch:

  • Keep track of your e-mail in your Outlook Inbox, or take a look at the calendar to see what is on the agenda. You can quickly view the glance by just swiping up on the watch. Try and experience for yourself how easy it is.
  • Do you need a quick view? Go through new emails in your Inbox wherever you are, directly from Outlook Watch app. When it is urgent, you can respond directly from the watch by selecting one of the predefined answers that suits different situations. You can also use the Emoji symbols or voice dictation if it suits you better.
  • You will never miss emails or important meetings. With custom alerts, you will receive notifications when new email comes so you can act immediately. Archive one. Schedule the second. It is as easy as checking the clock.

I absolutely love Outlook for iOS and now also for the Apple Watch. The best way to have all your Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Hotmail and many more in one place!