Now there is an even bigger reason why you should start using Flipboard as a social network

Flipboard has released an excellent update for the mobile app.

Now the personalization of Cover Stories can go further: tap the new caret (v) in the upper right corner of any article to fine-tune your home feed. No matter where you are on Flipboard, if you see something you like and want to get more of it in your Cover Stories, tap “More like this.” If you’d rather see less of something, tap “Less like this.” These two simple actions will help adjust the content mix in your Cover Stories.

And they have finally replaced their own share menu with the real iOS 8 shared menu.

What many don't know is that Flipboard bought the excellent service called Zite some years ago, and this is one of the features that Zite had that Flipboard now implement into their great service.

You have been able to do this in Flipboard before this update, but not as easy and advanced like now. This is an excellent update of one of my favorite services. It's not just a news reader it's so much more than that. It's a curate service and and a social network too. So now it's even more important to follow me and all my magazines ;)

Via Fine-tune Your Flipboard | Flipboard