Something happened on Flipboard yesterday

Something happened yesterday. On Flipboard. Suddenly I've got hundreds of new followers and subscribers of my magazines there. Mainly the Magazine that is called “Getting Things Done” that I have.

And I don't know the reason why this happened but I'm really glad it did :) I was probably in the Flipboard recommendations or something, but I haven't seen that so I'm not sure.

You probably all know how much I like Flipboard, and as I've said many times by now, it is so much more than just a news reader and that's why the new News app from Apple is not the same. Flipboard is a complete social network with a comment system so that we can have discussions on the articles directly in Flipboard. We can follow real people and not just topics we like.

And Flipboard learns what we like over time. That's why Flipboard is one of my most important tools to find the news I need to blog, vlog or do podcast about.

The more you use Flipboard the better it gets.

If Google+ dies or I have to leave for some other reason, then Flipboard will be the next place that will be my main place on the net. Together with Twitter and Facebook of course.

So if you haven't done that yet, I highly recommend you to start using Flipboard and start by following me there ;)