TextExpander is an indispensable app, do you want more snippets for free?

TextExpander is one of those must have tools on both OS X and iOS that you use a lot but forget that you do. It can automate what you write for you, and make it a lot easier with all the advanced shortcuts you can do. You can even do fill-ins. It can be as simple or advanced you want it to be. And a lot of apps support TextExpander natively, but with iOS 8 TextExpander even has its own third-party keyboard built-in to the same app, so now you can use your TextExpander snippets anywhere.

The website Thought Asylum has some TextExpander snippet groups that you can download and add to your TextExpander on both OS X and iOS. He says:

Since the release of TextExpander 5 on OS X and TextExpander Touch 3 on iOS I've been updating and revising my TextExpander snippets to take advantage of some of the new functionality and to get some of the contents better aligned for sharing online with the public. Today I'm happy to say I've taken a significant step forward with a new update to the Thought Asylum TextExpander snippets groups.

These are the different snippets groups he shares:

  • Dates - insert formatted dates and time stamps.
  • Miscellaneous - other things that don't fit into other snippet groups.
  • Shell Commands - some automation around executing shell commands on OS X.
  • Symbols - insert various useful symbols
  • Text - process and format text.
  • TextExpander - snippets that use the AppleScript-ability of TextExpander
  • Web - working with web technologies.

You can find a lot of useful snippets in these groups.

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