The future looks very dystopian for content creators...

James Thomson, the iOS developer of the app PCalc has written an interesting article about how the future can become for all us content creators if people continue to use adblockers on the Web, or keep continue to pirate apps and stop buying the music they love.

So turn off that ad-blocker, or at least white-list sites you enjoy. Don't pirate stuff telling yourself that “you'll buy it later if you really like it”. You know that's never going to happen. Subscribe to websites and support creators directly via Kickstarter and Patreon. Don't complain because the developers of the ridiculously cheap app you use every single day on the $1000 supercomputer in your pocket have asked for a tiny sum of money so they can eat. After all, we all get to decide the future we want to see.

It's a very interesting read that I highly recommend you to read. And the topic is something that worries me very much personally too. As a one man company, trying to earn some money on my blog, YouTube channel and podcast, this evolution of how we use the web is very worrisome. I will definitely not survive if this trend continues.

I have even set up a donate button on my website but no one even cares to donate… Everyone wants content for free and even whining about stuff they don't like… The future for content creators is definitely dystopian.

So start saving the Web today by white listing the sites you like and visit often in the adblock settings! It's easy to do and necessary.

Via In a world without money and advertising, where do the artists go? | iMore