This is why going Post-PC made me more productive

I've been living in the post-pc world for over 18 months now and I absolutely love every minute of it! So I thought I should share some of my thoughts on why I am a lot more productive and creative now. I definitely Getting Things Done now because I took the step into the post-pc world. Both my website and YouTube channel has grown a lot after I went post-pc, especially my website are doing really well now.

So below you can see some of the reasons why I am more productive now than before.

Be more productive when Post-PC

  • With my iPad and iPhone I can create content anywhere, anytime. Even on the toilet, at the coffee machine, in bed, out in the nature or while walking.
  • I often write down my thoughts into an outline. One sentence at a time. One outline for every topic. That way I slowly build up a complete article through an outline. I can do this incredibly fast and easy on my iOS devices.
  • I record video with my iPhone directly into an iMovie project and then airdrop the complete project to my iPad to video edit it. I can do this really fast and easy. No need for WiFi or mobile data. I can be in the middle of the woods doing so if I want. Because of that I can produce videos exactly when I want to, and because of my really great and fast mobile data plan, I can upload and publish the finished video to my YouTube channel from anywhere when I'm done video editing it. And iMovie for iPad is an excellent video editing app. There is nothing I can't do with it that I want to do.
  • Thanks to the excellent way iOS apps are integrated to each other via the share sheet menu and extensions, it's actually easier to share content between apps than it is on computers. Apps like Drafts makes it so easy to send written and formatted text to other apps for example. You can even prepend and append text to the same note or article by sending it in the background from Drafts. So I could basically do a complete blog post by sending text forward to for example Editorial. Complete with formatting and all. Ready to publish. So I can for example send short notes during the day from Drafts on my iPhone to the same article, that I then later on can find almost complete in Editorial on my iPad. From there I can continue working on the article by fine tuning it before I publish it.
  • And the iOS app Editorial is so incredibly good that it's nothing like it on computers. Nothing comes even near it. It was that app only that made me go post-pc really. It makes it so easy to write articles with images, formatting and links. You can automate everything in Editorial by using Python scripts that you can create yourself or install from a public workflow directory. So basically I don't have to reach for any buttons or something to format and link my articles, I just have to write. Nothing else. And Editorial do everything for me automatically.
  • And I really like to work in one app at the time because it's much easier to focus and not procrastinate then. That's why I think the multitasking in iOS 8 is perfect. It has what I need thanks to share sheet and extensions. That way I can share content between apps without loosing focus on what I'm doing.
  • And I really enjoy to feel the content below my fingers. It feel way more natural that way. No need for a mouse or touch pad. It feel much more “artistic” to work with your fingers directly on the display.
  • And one really important aspect is that it's more fun to create content on the go! I really enjoy being creative on my iPad and iPhone. It's a pleasure to work on iOS and with all the professional apps that are available. And trust me, it is actually both easier and faster to work on the iPad than it is to do the same on a computer. You just have to dare taking the step over to the post-pc world. After that everything is a pure joy.

So there you go, I hope this can help you to dare take the step into the post-pc world. If you like this post, please share it. It would help me a lot. Thank you.