App tip: Spark from Readdle is now my default email app on the iPhone

I have recently started to use the excellent app Spark from Readdle. It's an awesome email app for the iPhone. Sadly not available for the iPad though, and no Microsoft Exchange support, but the awesome features it has, have made it my default email app for my Gmail and iCloud accounts anyways. Check the video below!

And emails looks so good in Spark, so clean and well formatted so it's a great joy to read them there. And I absolutely love that you can activate different services like Pocket, the read later service. So now when I get all the news I want in my inbox from services like Nuzzel, I can long click on a link to add it to Pocket to read later.

And Spark also has an excellent snooze feature that has the options it needs.

One drawback though is that sometimes Spark hasn't updated the app icon that there are unread emails available. Not until I open Spark it adds the emails to the inbox and updates the app icon. Strange. App Store

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