Apple's 3D Touch is the biggest invention since multi touch

As I've been saying: 3D Touch (Force Touch) is huge, it will revolutionize how we use touch displays and apps. It's the future for Apple devices. It's the biggest invention since Apple invented multi touch.

Apple’s first interface breakthrough happened when it unleashed real multitouch on the world. Until the original iPhone, screens reacted to one single point and often required a stylus to operate. There were exceptions, but even after the iPhone launched competitors couldn’t keep up and had to release resistive screen phones until they could join in the multi-touch game.

3D Touch isn’t an incremental update. It is a real tool and you can be sure that, by CES time, manufacturers from Samsung to Xaomi will be offering stuff called Push Touch, Deep Finger, and Insert UI for their phones. It is inevitable. And Apple had it first.

We will see a lot of new features and apps that will support 3D Touch. It will make it possible to do so many things better and easier, only the imagination is the limit. We have already seen some really cool things in iMovie, where we can feel the start and end of a video clip with our fingers. It makes it possible to come nearer the content we create. It will feel more natural to work with our fingers and hands.

3D Touch will make us travel even further into the post-pc era. Personally I already prefer working directly with my fingers on the screen on my iPad. Without a physical keyboard and mouse. 3D Touch will make it even more impossible for me to go back in time and use such physical things.

Via 3D Touch Is Apple’s New Secret Weapon | TechCrunch