Awesome! Internal Web Browsers in native apps kills the terrible content blockers in iOS 9!!

I've many times said how much I hate that Google has built in an internal browser in the Google+ App, and that links you click on first opens in it before you can choose to open it in Safari (or Chrome). It's too many clicks for a great user experience.

But now I actually love the in-app Web browsing again. The reason? Because it kills all the really terrible content blocking apps in iOS 9… Content blocking will kill the free Web if no one is doing anything about it, and internal Web browsers fixes it!

So if all apps is starting to use internal Web browsers it won't be a problem for publishers like me. Because in native apps those terrible content blockers doesn't work! Awesome!

Google+ is one of my biggest referral, so because of the internal Web browser in the Google plus app the terrible content blocking apps doesn't work on my shared links on Google+!

I love you Google!