Going totally paperless made me more productive

I hate papers. I really do. Especially when it comes to be as productive and efficient as possible. Papers is almost impossible to organize in such ways so that you can easily find and use it when you want to. And you can't even reuse the information in them.

So that is the reason why I have gone totally paperless. By doing so, I can really fast and easy find the information I need. I can organize all the information digitally into my trusted system. And I can reuse the information when ever I need to.

By going totally paperless definitely makes me Getting Things Done more.

Going totally paperless

  • By going paperless you can be a lot more productive because you can be much more organized by having all your documents, receipts, letters, bills and much more stored digitally in a trusted system.
  • With apps like Scanbot you can go totally paperless easily. Scanbot even OCR scans your papers so that your scans gets searchable. That way you can find them easily. Also the auto naming makes it much faster and easier to organize and store all your paper documents digitally.
  • Personally I scan every paper I get my hands on. Even information I find that I think is useful. For example on a billboard or something.

  • By scanning all papers you get from people and governments around you, you can organize them so that you easily can find them when you need them with a simple search. That is almost impossible with the original papers stored in binders or boxes for example. It's a lot harder to find what you are searching for.
  • And you can't even collect information physically from around you, from billboards, flyers, ads and more that could be useful info to have. But if you start scanning it you can. It's a very powerful way to get more information that you need.
  • And scans made with great apps like Scanbot doesn't even take up much storage space because they optimizes the scans so good. And you can also really fast and easy upload the finished scans directly to different cloud services like Evernote, Dropbox, iCloud and much more. Personally I upload them from Scanbot automatically to both Evernote and iCloud. In Evernote I can them easily organize them into different notebooks, and also get to them from any device, from anywhere. And because Scanbot Pro also is doing OCR on the scans you can easily find info in the scans directly in Evernote without having a Evernote premium account. And by saving them automatically to iCloud too, means that I can sync the scans between all my iOS devices.

  • And you can also scan multiple documents into the same PDF file. That makes it much easier to store and find information about the same thing.
  • And with such great apps it's not hard to scan either, it's very very easy. It takes only seconds to scan and upload totally automatically. You just point the camera to the document and for example the Scanbot app are then doing the rest for you automatically.

See a short video about the Scanbot app:

I hope these things can help you decide to do the same as I've done: Going totally paperless. If you like this article, please share it, it would help me a lot, thanks.