My thoughts on the Apple TV 4 before the keynote

Today Apple will have its keynote where they will show us a lot of cool stuff, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iOS 9, watch OS 2, new iPad's and also a new Apple TV 4. And I think that will be a completely new computing platform.

My thoughts about the Apple TV 4

  • I have never own an Apple TV because I'm living in the post-pc era and have an Macbook Air connected to the TV as a media center, and it can do everything an Apple TV can do and a lot more.
  • But all the rumors about a new Apple TV running iOS 9 and having its own App store, makes me very interesting in it.
  • And now the Periscope developers says they will release a version of their app for the Apple TV too. And that is just the beginning, we will see a lot of new cool apps for the Apple TV 4.
  • To me it will be a new computing platform
  • It will be like a cheap Mac mini running iOS
  • And the new remote with all the sensors in it will be great for both navigating the OS and for gaming. It will probably make the Apple TV to a bigger success than the Nintendo Wii.
  • And the Siri integration will make it easier to use apps and games too.

Watch my vlog about the Apple TV: