PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze for iOS - First Look

Here is my first look, my first start of the game PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Arcade Maze for iOS. It's from the company BANDAI NAMCO that I remember from the Super Nintendo times :) I've played the original versions of Pacman and had a lot of fun at that time. PAC-MAN 256 had some strange bonuses and controls at first. And it bugged out in the beginning as you can see in the video. But if you just play and nothing else it's quite fun really. PAC-MAN can still be fun to play obviously.

I accidentally started a video ad of another game in the beginning of video too, and the reason why that happened was because of the confusing controls and bonus system.

Personally I think this game would be better to play on the iPhone than it is on the iPad. The controls would work better on the iPhone because then you can play in portrait mode and move Pacman with your thumb. The display is too big on the iPad Air 2 to move him comfortably.

Check it out on iTunes

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