watchOS 2 for the Apple Watch is finally here!

watchOS 2 for the Apple Watch is finally here! Just released a few minutes ago.

WatchOS 2 is significant update that should make the Apple watch a much more useful device. Most importantly, third-party apps can run natively on the device, as opposed to being streamed from your phone. That should help them load and run faster, in addition to allowing them to provide more advanced functionality with a new set of APIs.

It will be very interesting to try third-party complications, watch faces, native apps and all the other cool new features. Be able to connect to WiFi without the iPhone will be awesome too.

We will probably have to wait a while for third-party native apps and complications though. The developers haven't had so much time yet to develop them. But they will definitely come in droves, I'm totally sure of that.

Via Apple's watchOS 2 finally arrives 5 days after its intended launch