Getting Things Done - Trying to explain how to use "The Inbox"

In GTD 3.0 - my updated Getting Things Done workflow, I go through all the steps how I use the GTD methodology and philosophy. You can see the whole workflow here, with a downloadable mindmap and all. But I believe it could be quite hard to understand all the steps, so I decided to start doing videos where I try to explain everything. I started with how to use “The Inbox”. You can find that video below. I hope you like it!

How to use “the Inbox”

Empty your head with all your thoughts and ideas into the inbox

  • Deal with them as soon as you have time
    • Takes less then 2 minutes, do them directly
    • Stuff you have to do but doesn't have time for now, move to actions or a specific project
    • Stuff you eventually will do but not are sure of, move to someday/maybe
    • Stuff that are not a doable task, delete or move to reference
      • Reference is preferred to store in another system like Evernote, OneNote, Apple's Notes app for example
    • You could also organize non doable thoughts and tasks in a mindmap
      • Just copy and paste it into a mindmap

Do it often

  • Very important before you go to sleep for example
    • Personally I do it twice a day. Morning and evening

Check this video out:

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