Here is my first thoughts of the iPhone 6s Plus

Here is my first thoughts of my new space gray iPhone 6s plus. I have only used it for a couple of days yet, and you will get a full review later on, but this is some of the things I have noticed already. Watch the video below.

The iPhone 6s plus feels very robust and sturdy and also not so slippery anymore. Probably because of the new aluminum 7000 material.

It also feels very heavy. Especially when holding it with just one hand. I work a lot with my iOS devices, and doing that with just one hand for a longer period could be a bit tiresome for the hand and arm. It's probably the new 3D Touch display and the aluminum 7000 that makes it heavier and also a tiny bit thicker. It's almost too heavy for my taste. I want my devices at light and thin as possible.

I really like the new 3D Touch feature. It makes it easier and faster to do specific tasks, and more and more third-party apps supports it now. many of my favorite apps already supports it. It's the future, I'm sure of it.

Here is my first thoughts:

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