I will use my iPhone 6s Plus as my main computer for a whole year as an experiment

My new journey / experiment starts today! As you know, I have been post-pc for soon two years already, and has been using my iPad as my only computer, but today I will try two use my new iPhone 6s plus as my main computer instead of my iPad Air 2 for a whole year! Please note that I say “main” computer and not the only computer. I will still use my iPad Air 2 for some things. My journey will be very interesting!

I will still use my iPad Air 2 to pay my bills on my Internet bank for example. The reason is because the iPad app for that makes it much easier. And I will also do most of the Web design and changes of my website on the iPad. Simply because the bigger screen makes it easier. And I will probably also watch YouTube videos on the iPad for the same reason.