I wish more apps would support landscape mode on the iPhone 6s Plus

Another thing that bothers me with the iPhone 6s Plus, is that there is a lot of apps that doesn't support landscape mode. They necessarily don't need to support the iPhone 6s plus special landscape mode, but at least the normal iOS landscape mode. But unfortunately a lot of apps I use, only supports portrait mode. Like Hooks, Facebook, Spark, Flipboard, Google+ and many many more.

The reason why that is so annoying is that if I start using the iPhone 6s plus in landscape mode in an app that supports it, and then have to switch to another app to do something and that app doesn't support landscape mode, then I have to rotate the phone to portrait mode to use that app. Then the user experience is ruined, and it always ends with that I stop using the iPhone in landscape mode.

And I mean the iPhone 6s plus is even made to be used in landscape mode with the support on the home screen and all.. But the lack of app support spoils the whole thing.

But the apps that actually supports the special iPhone 6s Plus landscape mode, like for example Tweetbot 4, looks and works amazingly well. And also the built-in iOS keyboard is better and has more features on the iPhone 6s Plus, but personally I can't use it because it doesn't support Apple's QuickType feature with the Swedish keyboard, only with the English and that's very annoying.

So I really hoping for more iPhone 6s plus support in apps, but sadly it doesn't look like my wishes will come true.