My Apple Watch has become one of my most important devices

The Apple Watch has become a lot more important to me recently in my new day work. I don't have the time to take out my iPhone as much as before, so I rely on my Apple Watch a lot more now to read the latest notifications, emails, news and a lot more.

And even more so now with my new iPhone 6s plus because it's bigger and harder to handle with one hand when walking for example.

So the Apple Watch is great to have to see the notifications I get, the latest emails, the latest news and so on. It is actually great to read news on that small screen. Especially if you make the text bigger in the settings. I can even glance at my watch in meetings and mark some news that I want to read or blog to “read later”. And it's also quite easy to reply to email and messages from the watch with all the pre-made replies you can add to the app settings. All this is fully possible to do anywhere, anytime. And it's much faster than having to put out your iPhone to do the same.

And also having Omnifocus on my wrist is amazing. I can see what tasks that I have planned to do during the day, and I can tap them as “done” directly from the watch fast and easy. And I can even add new tasks using my voice.

So the Apple Watch has become a very important device to me, it's the perfect companion device to my new iPhone 6s plus.

Watch my video about the Apple Watch importance (it's actually my first recorded with the iPhone 6s plus in 4k):

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