Pop Puff and away! - fun puzzle game for both iPad and iPhone (Promo codes inside!)

I've been playing Pop Puff and Away! on my iPad (it's available for both iOS and Android). It's a cute looking but very challenging puzzle game where stepping on arrows throws you in the direction they are pointing at. It was designed to be picked up easily by beginners but also challenging enough for experienced puzzle lovers. The game gets very challenging fast and personally I have already problems solving puzzle 11 (as you can see in the video). In the video below you can here my thoughts about Pop Puff and away, and also some gameplay. I think it's a very fun and addicting puzzle game. Recommended for people that enjoy thinking.

I have also got some promo codes for this game:

  • 4N6HYW364T3P
  • HPT69W6PWP64

Enjoy! :)

App Store | Official website

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