Apple has soon sold 7 million Watches - impressive!

Yeah the Apple Watch is a huge failure… Lol!

Despite naysayers claiming the Apple Watch hasn’t taken off as Apple hoped, a new set of figures suggests that Apple has shipped close to 7 million Apple Watches since its launch — a figure which outstrips all other vendors’ combined smartwatch shipments in the past five financial quarters.

7 million is an incredible amount of watches sold that no competitor smartwatch vendor comes even near selling.

I absolutely love my Apple Watch, it's one of the best devices I have ever bought. It's a perfect companion to my new iPhone 6s Plus. It makes me not using my iPhone (or iPad) for all the simple tasks anymore. I rather do them on my Apple Watch. It's easier and faster.

So I don't take out my huge iPhone 6s Plus as often thanks to the Apple Watch.

So I can highly recommend buying the Apple Watch, and don't wait for the next generation because I am not sure Apple will release a new watch every year. Its a watch, it has a very long life cycle.

Personally I won't buy a new one for at least 3 years still.

Via Apple has already shipped almost 7 million Apple Watches