The new Google+ app update is so bad that it will kill my huge Google+ community

Google has updated the Google+ app for iOS and it is really terrible now! As the owner of the biggest Apple community on Google+, I need to moderate the community from my iPhone and iPad, but after this update it's practically impossible to do! All the features for moderation is removed! You have to use the mobile Web version to do that…

And they have also removed all the swipe gestures so using the iPhone plus with one hand now is totally impossible… And you can't mention anyone easily now either because you get a list with all your contacts instead of the people in the thread you commenting on… And it still doesn't have full share sheet support or 3D Touch support…

It's so bad that it forcing me to stop using Google+… Google is lying when they say that they are focusing on collections and communities, they are only focusing on collections. My huge Apple Community will slowly die now..

The app update totally sucks now and will kill Google+ even faster than before.

Here is a video on why it's so bad:

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